About My Reelity

Posted by Ruok On January - 22 - 2005

My Reelity is the personal website of Vincent Lee. Vincent is a versatile character actor and has been featured frequently in local television and in numerous short films over the past few years. To view his portfolio, photos and video clips, please click on "The Actor" link above.

Ship Shape

Posted by Ruok On December - 19 - 2012ADD COMMENTS

Beginning to understand and appreciate the “hidden costs” of owning a pre-owned car. Getting her ship shape has now set me back a grand, and plus the GPS and other mods I’ll be putting in, will bring the grand total to almost $2k.

I think the peace of mind I get is well worth the money spent.

On another note, its ironic that public transport, if it doesn’t breaks down, is still faster by a wee bit for my work route. But compared to taxis, this mode is still faster, after factoring in the waiting times.

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Going Topless

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Took my baby for a couple of rides during the weekend and I realise a few things :

i) Top down when the sun is out will give you a good tan if you apply sunblock
ii) You need to have a good selection of music when the top is down
iii) You tend to panic at slightest drop of rain
iv) When panicking, you realise the controls used to close the top follows a very strict pattern
v) Once the top is closed you realised how loud your music was. Which will lead to realisation #2
vi) You begin to wonder what kind of stuff you can put on the dashboard and not let it fly off when driving.

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Me Nee

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I think its been 10 years since I had a car. Back then, it was a Suzuki 800 handed down by my mum at a grand COE price of $1. It just passed its 10 year old birthday and I would drive it for 10 years till its death. I recall in its 9th year, it started to sound its own death knell already. So much so by the 10th year, it literally sputtered its way into the salvage yard.

I was just starting to chase my dreams then, and I never expect it would take another 10 years before I could own a ride again.

This time round, it’s again a hand-me down; well, sort of. I bought it off the second hand market, with five years left.

Oh, did I mention it’s a convertible? ;)

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I’m just an actor, I’m not a star, but now I finally have my own car.

Playmates 013

Three years later, this is finally my reality.

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Happy Birthday

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To you, wherever you are.

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