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Posted by Ruok On February - 22 - 2007

The saying’s true and it doth looks like everyone’s leaving already. And I think I’ve learned much during this brief period of time as well.

Looking forward, this year looks set to be a year of new challenges, and with these challenges means I might have to make some painful decisions soon.

As to what, I’ll elaborate on another entry another day…

It may be the Year of the Pig, but it doesn’t look like I’m gonna peak (pun intended) out anytime soon. *grin*

2 Responses to “宴席散了”

  1. naeboo says:


    have pig will be fat! hahaa

  2. Qiaoyun says:

    You seem to go through a lot times of painful decisions. 😛 But I suppose that can’t be helped. Hope you make the right choices and things go your way. Happy new year! 😉

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