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I Owe You Guys An Apology

Posted by Ruok On July - 10 - 2007

I took a look at my recent entries and I must say, not only are they utterly boring, but they are terribly written as well. I apologise for having made you read the shite.

In my defense, I wanna say I have writer’s block and was just trying to power through the block, but the truth is that there’s really nothing much that had happened which I’d want to blog about … at least those that are in line with the editorial policy of this blog anyway.

So yeah, I would do my best to not put up such entries in the future.

That aside, I just wanna say I’ve finally found a good shower song (after such a long absence) :

Lips of Angel – Hinder

I’d realised of course that this is not the kind of song that you should be belting when you are in a relationship, but hey, since I’m not, I might as well take the opportunity to get it out of my system before I do. 😀

(Oh, and Jer, this song is kinda within my “range”. FYI niah, since you asked)

2 Responses to “I Owe You Guys An Apology”

  1. nadnut says:

    bah. i want my “pour some sugar on me” not this one. 😛

  2. […] for my favourite song. (i always request for this) but i didnt get my dedication. but they played ruok’s lips of an angel instead. […]

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