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Cool On Wheels

Posted by Ruok On January - 19 - 2007

“How do I bounce the ball and move forward at the same time??!”

But I am not so cool on wheels. Injured my back once again, while training together with a bunch of guys from HWA (Handicapped Welfare Association) in preparation for their coming basketball tourney. But more on that later.

Playing basketball on a wheelchair isn’t as easy as it sounds. The most basic maneuver of picking up the ball off the ground is already not easy to master, let alone controlling the direction of the wheelchair in full throttle. See the look of intense concentration in the photo above for case illustration. 😛

I was allowed to play some 3 on 3 later on and it was really quite fun. It was a bit like playing bumper cars due to the unavoidable crashing into each other when vying for the ball and a bit like playing netball also due to the height difference once you are seated on the wheelchair. Its also a good workout for the arms and the shoulders. 😉

I got convinced later to help them form another team, as I heard the take-up is slow and they really want more teams to make the tourney more interesting. Unfortunately, I hurt my back during the session and the sinseh told me to stop playing or my back will never recover… sigh.

But if you guys are interested, do sign up! And if you need to know how to play, the guys training every Wednesday and Saturday at the United World College would be happy to teach you.

UPDATE : Some of you might be worried that the sport is dangerous, because I injured my back. I’ll like to assure you that its not. My back was injured because I’ve been having a chronic back problem prior to this, and the fact that it got injured again means that my back wasn’t fully healed in the first place. In fact, I was the only casualty amongst the newbies that night… 😛 Sigh, looks like its back to “woman on top” nights for me …

5 Responses to “Cool On Wheels”

  1. starmist says:

    did you play with the Prince of hwa, PC?

  2. Ruok says:

    starmist, PC was there. 😉

  3. the woman is good. hahaha.

    I hope I’ll be able to play this, afterall, my injuries are in my legs but also my wrists. Got weak joints. =(

  4. Ruok says:

    rn, I think should not be a problem.

  5. starmist says:

    pc pc pc!! laughs.

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