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Posted by Ruok On June - 24 - 2006

Yesterday, I got a “casting call” of another kind which made me realised that the price of chasing my dreams might have just become higher. In fact, much, much higher.

A head-hunting firm called me up, invited me to apply for a high paying position. The headhunter added that she got my contact because I was highly recommended by “someone” but she refused to divulge the identity.

So how high was the pay offered? Lets just say that its high enough to afford me a car and a small apartment. If I’m offered, its really a no-brainer not to turn it down. Yet as I thought of discarding my dreams, I had to fight hard to hold back the tears swelling in my eyes.

Aye, letting go of my heart’s desire is never ever easy.

4 Responses to “Inflation”

  1. ghostrider says:

    isnt it kinda funny?
    when u know what u want in some point of your life, but something else unexpectingly turns up….

  2. sunshin3 says:

    Then you have to question whether is it for the better or for the worst.. you know what my advice would be. 😉

  3. Ruok says:

    ghostrider > Actually, job offers have been cropping up all the time. This is the first time a really good one pops up and force me to reassess my whole situation.

    Leia , I duuno if its better or worse. I’ll worry about that when I really clinch the job. 😛

  4. 9 says:

    Some woman smitten by you in those short films, decides to offer u a job of ‘Man-Sex-Slave” ?


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