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Ang Chee Beng

Posted by Ruok On October - 1 - 2007

Night of Movie Premiere
Lance : Hello! you acted in a movie recently? truth be told. :-) how come never inform?
Me : Eh got leh, its in my website. You just caught the premiere?
Lance : Yup. :-) you got website?
Me : So how is it? Good? How was my performance?
Lance : good. :-) will recommend to others. :-)

Lance was one of my ex-customers turned semi-regular gaming kaki. Sigh. How come my ex-customer gets to go the premiere and I don’t? >.< **************** Sneak Preview Night
AM’s back for her annual visit, so I jioed her to go to the preview. We were there early but because it took me quite a while to find the theatre, I didn’t manage to catch the beginning of the movie, no thanks to GV’s poor naming system of cinema halls.

But I did manage to catch a bit of the opening scene, and true enough yours truly was there, and not in a blink-and-you’ll-miss-me way as well. Not quite the way I had hoped I would see myself on a proper big screen for the first time, but I still managed to get a small kick out of it.

I was disappointed, though, that I couldn’t really appreciate the movie from where I was seating. I’d only managed to get seats three rows from the screen, and the screen was really way too near for that row. But in spite of that bad experience, I find this was one of the better local movies I’ve watched so far.

I was also quite impressed with the way some of the scenes were shot in the movie; my favourite ones were the scene using a mirror to get a three shot and the one in which a stream of light streak across the actors’ eyes in a darkened room. The acting from the main cast was really good as well; I am really impressed with Uncle Liang Tien’s showing.

Yvonne and ET held a Q&A session after the screening, and I think I was the only cast other than Yvonne at the preview. They singled me out in the middle of the Q&A and introduced me to the rest of the audience, which really had me blushing like a schoolgirl (I gotta get used to this I guess).

Throughout the movie, my character name keeps getting mentioned. A lot. In fact, it gets more air/screen time than the person. Ironic isn’t it?

I was actually quite disappointed not to have landed the “Ah Hao” role back then. That is because “Ah Hao” gets a bit more screen time than “Ang Chee Beng”. But after having watched the movie, I think its a blessing in disguise instead, and I landed the better role after all. Cuz peeps are going to remember this character more; I mean its hard not to when it keeps getting mentioned right? Hehehe.

Which goes to show, my agent up there is really doing an awesome job.

Thanks Lord! And please forgive me for doubting ye over this. 😛

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