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Baby You Can DriveRide My Car

Posted by Ruok On September - 19 - 2008

Collected the prize yesterday.

chrysler sebring

And my oh my, she’s really big. Not that curvy, but enough, to hint the sexy beast that is in her.

As I sat on the driver’s seat, I felt like I was back driving my Land Rover in the army., for it gave me the same “can’t really see the whole front” feeling.

The pickup is very strong and the ride is very smooth. And the sound system is just AWESOME. Boston Acoustics, no less.

My only gripe so far is that this model has all the signal lights on the left hand side. Which got me activating the wipers everytime I want to make a turn … Oh and yeah, parking is a real bitch. 😛

But you know what, five minutes after I drove off from the showroom, I let out a beastly and maniacal laughter.


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  1. Jerry says:

    Congratulations! Make it hot okay. Hee hee hee.

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