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Posted by Ruok On February - 27 - 2008

By now you would have heard much of Juno. And if you haven’t watched it by now, you are prolly too late to catch it on the big screen.

I am totally blown away by Ellen Page’s performance. If you thought she was good in Hard Candy, I’m telling you, you ain’t seen nothing yet. I am still quite amazed at how she managed to pull it off… especially the transitional scenes towards the end. She truly deserves an Oscar nomination for best actress.

I’m not gonna talk too much on the plot except that I think its one of those stories that if you examine closer, you’ll find its much deeper meaning.

The movie also boast an awesome soundtrack… and I particularly like the last song “Anyone Else But You” by The Moldy Peaches.

It was then I realised Ellen had another awesome talent … she could sing!

Move over Natalie, I think I have a new fave now. :)

Original song here.

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