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My Life in 2006 (Abridged)

Posted by Ruok On December - 31 - 2006

Intrigued and inspired by Terz and Tym‘s entries…

A banged up toe that is. Especially by one of my favourite Japanese singers (Aikawa Nanase). After a much needed rant in the last post, I stumbled upon this via LMD and Xena’s blog. Over the weekend I had my first rehearsal for my first role in my first motion picture! The election fever is now on. With your reply, I confirmed what I have been feeling for the past few weeks; that things aren’t the way it used to be. Got this off naeboo. FRENS is the guild I belonged to, and they can be found in the Khyber server. You can now contact me at again. I met my screen wife again last weekend at a pub which my clients dragged me along to, after we had finish a small party. Not yet on national television anyways, and perhaps not anytime soon as well. For the past few weeks, my 2 and a half year old monitor has been giving me problems.

Heh. Doesn’t make any sense does it? Oh well, I think I will do a proper one later.

2 Responses to “My Life in 2006 (Abridged)”

  1. naeboo says:

    ya i dont knw what u mean esply what is it that u got off me?

  2. Ruok says:

    boo, its the muppet quiz thingy I think.

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