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Posted by Ruok On September - 9 - 2008

They’ve been doing reruns of my earlier work these few weeks, and I’m surprised at the publicity it has been generating.

Last week, they did a rerun of my season one Incredible Tales episode and, just over the weekend, that infamous Felicia Chin episode.

The Incredible Tales episode had quite a few people telling me they saw me on tv again, from the hawker downstairs to the strange uncle who accosted me while I was at the gala premiere of The Days.

Incidentally, the gala premiere for The Days was the biggest I’ve seen for any movie screening; let alone a local one. And I met so many people there! To paraphrase what Eng Tiong said, it was really like a wedding dinner. And I think after all these years, I finally felt I belong. :)

But I digress.

I’m kinda glad no one came up to me and say they recognise me on the Felicia Chin one. I mean, I am kinda hard to spot in that one, unless you are already in the know.

So yeah, I guess other than the fact that I don’t get any additional money, reruns are kinda good for a
actor in my shoes. Even those I don’t wanna be remembered or recognised for.

Anyway, the real reason behind this post is to show off this awesome sunset picture I took with my old iPhone.

langkawi 041

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  1. beakee says:

    no publicity is bad publicity 😀

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