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Posted by Ruok On November - 20 - 2005

“If you’re a fan of the incredibly addictive Civilization strategy series and haven’t bought Civilization IV yet, you can probably stop reading now to go buy the game.”

That was the first sentence from a reviewer that gave it a 9.4 score, one of the highest score ever accorded. Within days, the game got sold out island-wide, and the three hours I spent trying to hunt down the game will bear testimony to that.

When I finally got the game and poured through its more than one centimetres thick game manual, I was surprised to find an open letter written by Soren Johnson, who is the Lead Designer and AI Programmer. The content of that letter made me realise that this game above all else, was a labour of love.

And yes even though I’m the kind that 不信邪, I have a feeling I may need to sign up for “Civilisation 4 Anonymous” soon…

8 Responses to “不信邪”

  1. monkey says:

    lol :)
    good luck
    addictions are… miserable
    im now in the babble anonymous lol
    and erm yeah i just finished watching the WCG thingy on channel u *sigh* the good old days of being a internet junkie.. why do i feel so subdured now..
    ren lao le
    why singapore cannot be better at this man
    jia you darling then maybe u can be a professional gamer too 😛 it’ll keep u sustained while u get acting jobs 😛
    top price USD20,000!!!!!!!1

  2. Ruok says:

    monkey : Not so easy leh, I better stick to my day job 😉

  3. KingMeng says:

    Does this means that no more Football Manager 2006 for ya? :(

  4. lisie says:

    Hahaha. Such a good game, although Qin Shi Huang is currently kicking my ass with his fricking war elephants. Oh, to be British. :(

  5. Ruok says:

    whahaha the elephants are damm bad ass Lis. I’m now carvoting as Catherine, man she’s hawt!

    BTW I just got the movies, looks like my social life is officially over 😛

    KM> aye FM is on hold now.

  6. david says:

    dude, the english maaan. Industrial and Financial!!! the two best traits in the WORLD!!!

    heh. i’ve been addicted to civ 4 since i left melbourne. gimme a call if you want to play multiplayer sometime… hahahahah.


  7. Ruok says:

    Dave, cannot MP lah, I still newbie! I dun care if Industrial and Financial are the two best traits in the world, you know me, the creative trait die die must be inside. So what if its benefits is one of the most laopok in the game 😛

    The catch world is culture dude. I’m gonna rule the world by way of Hollywood, Broadway and Rock! And this time, religion is on my side. All hail the HinJudChri! 😀 (Juz in case that dun work, the holy soldiers are always more than ready to carry on their crusade ;))

    That aside, you should really check out “The Movies”. Its a Civ4 addiction cure methinks. Juz got the game , will do a write up soon.

  8. Bard says:

    Wei… is that why we haven’t seen you recently on ESO?

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