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A Fortune Telling

Posted by Ruok On July - 31 - 2008

The last time I got approached by a fortune teller was way way back when I was running my lan shop business.

Then, my business was not doing too well. I was having lunch at the kopitiam when this uncle suddenly sat in front of me.

He introduce himself as a fortune teller hailing from Taiwan and started to pitch his worth by stating some really accurate description of my life thus far. He then asked me if I wanted to know what will happen next, dropping a not so subtle hint that I should pay for such knowledge.

I told him that I don’t want or need to know. He persisted; in which I just told him, I believe in God and I believe Heaven’s secret shall not be divulged.

He then plonk himself back into his seat, looking a bit dejected but mostly lost.

I felt a bit sorry for him and started making small talk. He left soon after, still looking mostly lost.

Fast forward to yesterday.

I was on my way to my client’s place when I saw two Indians walking towards me. The first said something which I didn’t hear clearly and which I ignored, but the second stopped me with a smile and a greeting. Not one for being rude, I returned his greeting and then he started telling me that he stopped me because he saw this shinning light emitting from my forehead.

I was like har? Limpeh Ultraman ah?

He went on to say that it meant I am blessed (or something like that) and that I was a good person. He then proceeded to open the note book he was carrying and tore off a piece of paper, crumpled it and ask me to hold it in my left palm.

I wanted to ask him what’s in that piece of paper, but he didn’t let me finish my question. He asked me to choose a number out of “2,3 and 4”.

At this time I was holding the crumpled piece of paper with my right fingers, although it was still resting on my left palm.

I chose the number 2, which he striked off and asked me to choose another number. I chose 4, and he striked it off, leaving the number 3 unmarked. He then went on to say that this number is a “God” number, which I interjected, that that’s good, since I believe in God.

He then asked me to choose a colour out of the two colors he written down, namely “Black” and “Blue”. I chose Blue, but this time round, he didn’t strike off my choice. He striked the Black off instead.

At this point, he begin to tell me stuff. He told me that while I appear rich, he knows I’m not. But I’m honest, he said. He also said that he knows I’ve not yet achieved success and that in the future, through the help of a prominent person, I’ll achieve it, although it would mean leaving the country. He named a coming month this year which he said would be very lucky for me and told me that he knows I’ve not had it easy all this while. He tells me that things would change for the better in the future and ask me to remember his face; hinting perhaps we will meet again in the future.

I thank him for his kind words and asked him once again why did he drop a crumpled piece of paper into my palm. He then asked me to open up the crumpled piece.

Which I did.

Scribbled legibly, were “3” and “Blue”. o.O

I looked at him astonished, and he beamed. He then tells me he’s from some temple, and asked for some money. I asked him how much he wanted, but he kept silent. So I thought, hey this was a neat trick, and pulled out a 2 dollar note.

He asked for $10 after seeing the note. I showed him my wallet and said I only have $10 left (I really had $10 left). To my surprise, he accepted the $2 note and walked away.

To be honest, if he had introduced himself as a fortune teller right at the start, I would have done what I did back then and rejected his services. But he only let on right at the end, and after he had “enlightened” me.

I hope this doesn’t count as I paid to have my fortune told. I’m still treating it as paying for a neat street magician trick. 😛

2 Responses to “A Fortune Telling”

  1. smoo says:

    scam. he knows what was on the paper and would only need to manipulate what else he was showing you to make you believe…

  2. Ruok says:

    Smoo, yeah I thought about it after I wrote this entry and figured it could be one too, especially since he crossed out black instead of blue.

    But ok lah, $2 for a trick. 😉

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