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A Little Silver Lining

Posted by Ruok On December - 1 - 2005

Remember “4444“? Well, the producers have re-entered it for the Canon DV contest and I’ve just been informed that we are finalists!! Woohoo!!!

This means that I can go Zouk for free and drink Tiger with Jessica Alba! (Yes, I’ll only drink Tiger with Jessica :P)

(Some of you may be wondering, wasn’t it in a Canon competition before? Yes, apparently Canon has two contests this year; one is for the “Heartlands” and the other is “National”. So they have re-entered it for the “National”. In other words, its supposedly swimming with the big boys now.)

And it seems a certain other film also made it to the finals. Time to practise my Seven-Deflect-Daggers-From-People’s-Eyes-Palm skill. I’m sure I’ll need it lol.

December seems to be starting out real fine. In spite of my cowning glory. 😀

14 Responses to “A Little Silver Lining”

  1. Brennan says:


    Encore! Encore!

  2. Sheylara says:

    Grats grats!! *clap* I’m surprised Canon allows the same film to be nominated twice, though. O_o

  3. KingMeng says:

    Hope you’ll win once again!

  4. Ruok says:

    Shey> Its a different competition mah. Anyway re-submission in itself is already a disadvantage I think, coz its not fresh as compared to the newer entries.

    KM> Thanks! Not sure if they doing audience choice again this time round though…

  5. TheLibrarian says:

    “4444” is no doubt the strongest entry among even the Media and Pro category. A sure-win unless the judges happen to be smoking bananas. Hmmmm…got to try that someday, smoking bananas, heh.

    I wonder how the certain other film made it into the finals??? Oh look, they have a cute chick with a nice voice! *sneaks off to vote for it*

  6. Ruok says:

    nad> thanks! now go vote :p

    Librarian> lol, yeah I find her cute too… 😉

  7. david says:

    really meh? i don’t find her cute. a little annoying. and her legs are quite thin. but to be honest, i’m really talking about the character. maybe we’ll all find her in better looking garb in zouk. keep your fingers crossed. :)

  8. TheLibrarian says:

    David, we’re all counting on you for pictures of all the chicks, erm i mean, nice people at Zouk. We’ll all be behind you, a long way behind you and sitting on our couches at home.

    The future of internet-pervert-kind is in your hands.

  9. david says:

    alright alright. enough degratory sexist talk here people. let’s be mature filmmakers/actors/internetperverts and talk about something else instead. like how ‘4444’ couldhave/wouldhave/shouldhave been so much better had i the time to actually reedit it; and how i should never submit a raw cut ever again.

    you may stone me now ;P

  10. Ruok says:

    Dave n Librarian > U guys go get a room and shoot some porn lah 😛

  11. TheLibrarian says:

    Hey dave, you got a blog or email where i can ask you some stuff about 4444? I’m a wannabe filmmaker. 😉

  12. david says:

    librarian: haha, i’m a wannabe filmmaker too! drop me a mail at

  13. david says:

    ruok >

    get me this for christmas, and believe me, i’ll go shoot your porn for you 😀

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