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A Small Milestone

Posted by Ruok On June - 13 - 2006

Before it slips my mind, I thought I’d better note this down. I discovered at the start of the month that I’m currently the top search in Google.

That’s right folks, when you google “Vincent Lee”, that’s my website in Numero Uno. Quite a far cry from the non existence when it was birthed almost two years ago. Of course this couldn’t have been achieved without Zeus plugging me about three times and being tomorrowed twice.

More importantly, this couldn’t have been achieved without you, my dear stalkers readers, who keep coming back here expecting to read about my lastest shag with hawt actresses, only to find no such thing happening.

Thank you all very muchie!

On another note, I’ve also just realised that this makes it another thing that I have in common with that eyebrow plucker. Darn.

On a happier note, methinks I should start putting ggogle ads here… heh.

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