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An Incredible Tale

Posted by Ruok On July - 12 - 2007

nullToday, I was tuning in to Power 98 and they were giving out movie passes for people who phone in and tell them a ghost story. The movie was Vacancy, which stars the very hawt and very sexy Kate Beckinsale. Since I am a really huge fan of hers, I went for it and was lucky enough to get through.

My story was scary enough and so, woohoo!!! I’ve won myself two tickets to the movie!

I think this is the first time I’ve won anything on national radio. :)

So what was my story about? Well, it all happened back when I was still staying at my old house, which was quite a few years back….

I remember waking up one night to this pair of voices arguing outside my room. Now, it’s quite normal for me to hear noises outside my room because back then I stayed in a corner terrace house, and my room was just next to a public walkway. So its normal for me to hear coughing and shuffling of feet from people walking outside. Yeah, which means any stranger in the street could just break in through my windows, which is why they had iron grills.

Anyway, back to the story. So this pair of voices, from what I could discern, were from an old couple. I suddenly had a bad tummy ache there and then, so I just got off my bed and head to the loo, which was in the kitchen.

So there I was, doing my business (Nahbeh, I just realised I said “shit” on national radio) when suddenly I hear voices outside the toilet. I realised it was still the old couple arguing and I figured then that perhaps, they’ve walked away from outside my room to outside my kitchen, which was normal.

But then, their voices start to get louder. At first, I thought they were raising their voices, but I was wrong …. its not because they were raising their voices, but because they were directly outside my toilet!

This was when I start freaking out. The best part is that since I can hear them clearly now, I know what they were arguing about. Apparently the old guy wanted to do grievous harm to me and the old lady was convincing him to let me off!!!!

That really freaked me out even more, and if I wasn’t already shitting, I would have seriously crap the hell out of my pants (nahbeh, I think I said “shitting” on national radio). And then, quite suddenly, the voices died off.

And I didn’t leave the toilet a good one (or two) hour later…

Years later, my parents got this woman who claimed to be clairvoyant to have a look at the house and she confirmed that there was a spirit in the house, but was a benevolent one, and told us not to worry. When asked what kind of spirit was it, she replied ….

“An old woman”.


16 Responses to “An Incredible Tale”

  1. Qiaoyun says:

    Congrats! But I never read your story. I scared. 😛

  2. sunshin3 says:

    please give me ample time in future so that i can tell you whether your voice sounds sexy on national radio…

    and whether you actually used the word shit twice.


  3. JayWalk says:

    Got record down or not? Post Podcast here leh.

  4. naeboo says:

    eeyerr.. .so creepy

  5. gracey says:

    should have tell me in advance, i would have on my radio just to hear you on live radio

  6. Ruok says:

    qy : …

    leia : I used the word shit once and shitting once. I think my voice on radio will sound the same as it would be over the phone. 😉

    nad : yarlor, even the deejay said so.

    jw : it happened at a time when ipods to ppl were a brand of pea pods. If you really want to hear, next time I ask them to go visit u lor.

    betty : yarlor, even the deejay said so.

    gracey : nmind lah, I sound the same over the radio as I do over the phone, methinks.

  7. Ruok says:

    starmist : *hugs*

  8. naeboo says:

    why u call me betty??? :/

  9. Ruok says:

    betty boo mah

  10. jer says:

    i caught the show already. its pretty short, only 1hr 20min. the show is pretty dark thruout. hmmm, there r a few of those moments la, haha. an average show, but who cares, u’re going to watch it for free! whats more there bekinsale looking all dirty n distraught, haha. enjoy!

  11. frenie says:

    eh i caught it on radio but didn’t know it was u

  12. Ugly Betty? says:

    […] –Ruok Posted in webs | […]

  13. Ruok says:

    frenie : so errm how did I sound on radio? :p

    Betty : *grin*

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