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Death of vtarzman

Posted by Ruok On January - 16 - 2007

Cancelled my decade old email addy today.

Hmm, make that yesterday.

The email addy was part of a dial-up plan I took up and after a decade, I’m kinda bumped to be losing it. So why did I do it? Well firstly, I don’t really need the email account. And secondly, because the stupid Singtel refused to transfer the email account even if I upgrade to a paid Wi-Fi access. I guess that was the most important reason.

Many of my friends have always wondered about why my email addy was so weird. After a while, I also got tired of explaining how I arrived at the nick. But since this is its death, I thought I would include it in its eulogy. So here it goes :

Back then, my nick to my hostel mates was “Vman”. And I was known in MUD as “Tarzan”. So in order to help my friends identify my email addy with me, I thought it would be cool to combine the two nicks, hence “vtarzman”. In the end, I don’t think this achieved its purpose, and peeps generally were more puzzled than anything with the weird nick.

So that’s that, then. Its been a good 10 years, and its a pity in your dying days you were often the subject of much spam. May you be freed of spam in the thereafter. And may you find your vtarzwoman in the place you are going next.

You’ll be missed for sure. And I will surely miss you.

6 Responses to “Death of vtarzman”

  1. starmist says:

    -_-” so corny
    such a sweet eulogy…

  2. JayWalk says:

    Lucky you not VR Man….

    …. heng ah…..

  3. Ruok says:

    starmist, glad u eh liked it.

    jay, yarlor, and heng viagra haben invented yet… 😛

  4. naeboo says:

    vtarwoman??? @_____@


  5. Princess says:


  6. Ruok says:

    naeboo, heh.

    Your highness, I’m lame cuz I keep getting crippled by love.

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