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Posted by Ruok On January - 18 - 2011

Well sorta, anyway.

I collected my keys today.

Well sorta, anyway.

Actually my agent collected on my behalf and will be giving it to me tomorrow. However, I have to let the seller overstay a month, so the “official” handing over is next month. But legally, the unit is now mine. I know, I know, I don’t sound too excited over this. Maybe I’ll be more excited when the place is finally ready.

The journey to a non debt-free life begins this day though. Seeing a chunk of my savings disappear like this sure gets getting used to. (I still stare at disbelief at my atm slip sometimes.) The next big chunk of my savings will go into renovations and furnishings. The good news is that the old captain came over and tell me he will be giving us our share of the bounty by the end of this month. This should hopefully go a long way into fixing this gaping hole in my wallet.


In other news, over the weekend, I was asked if me and another girl were ever fuck buddies. I found it a strange thing to be asked this question; so I quizzically asked what prompted such a question in the first place. The answer I got was even weirder; apparently I have a reputation for picking up random women in a bar.

Shiver me timbers, by jove, I think my reputation doth precedes me.

I always thought wenching in the taverns was normal behavior for sea dogs like me, but I never thought it would bring about such unseemly reputation. I’m not too bothered by it though; I know my friends know me better, and their opinion counts more than paranoia from the plebeian crowd. But it is interesting to see how people can conjure stuff about you. Perhaps people do really fear what they don’t understand.

On another note, it’s cold consolation that the impression wasn’t form because of the sexual deviant roles I had performed in the past.

I also lost USD60 worth of iTunes credit over the weekend. May the fleas of a thousand camels be upon the finder of the loot.

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