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Posted by Ruok On November - 20 - 2005

While I was weaving dreams, a part of me always kinda feel the whole process of doing up an entry, and then creating the necessary RSS feed, as well as the permalink (although the url of the permalink can only be known from the feed) was a wee bit tedious. Sometimes after a hard day’s work, with lots of things on your mind, you just wanna pen your deepest thoughts down and not be bogged down by the technical aspect of doing so (yes I know, there’s always the pen and paper :P).

So pressing words kinda helps in this aspect. Of course, there are still certain technicalities to it, and there are cetain things I cannot do as easily as before, but I think on the whole, its all good. In fact, I think I am starting to pick up the Greek that is HTML coding, just by pressing words.

Its always good to learn new things. Coz they help you stay young.

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