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“Mummy, he looks familiar”

Posted by Ruok On February - 3 - 2006

On my way to Wala on Thursday night, an ex-colleague recognised me from the car I was in. Since she was also in the vicinity, we arranged to meet for a short while, being the loony nude year and all.

It turms out that she was having dessert with her sister’s family and as they came out to greet me, her niece told her mum that she found me familiar, to which the mum remarked “You saw him on tv ah?”, causing the little girl to nod and run behind her mother’s back (why does this scene looks so familiar?).

Dang it. And I didn’t even got a chance to ask her which show she caught me in. -_-‘

5 Responses to ““Mummy, he looks familiar””

  1. Jaschocolate says:

    Maybe she find you handsome and she is just shy.. heehee :p

  2. spellbound says:

    i think she is too shy to face a handsome dude!


  3. lisie says:

    dude, i can’t believe that dave didn’t tell you. eesh, so sorry about it. (also, really sorry about replying so late.. went to china, long story…)

    anyway, check it out :

    4444 is some where in the middle of the page…

    15th feb, you gotta be there! :)

  4. Ruok says:

    jas & spellbound> no lah, I think I look kinda worrying again *sigh*

    lisie> eh he did but I think the screening date not known yet. Errm, do I need to buy my own tix?

  5. kelawar says:

    obviously the one where you kill someone. *sinister laugh*

    That only means you are one mean character actor!

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