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Posted by Ruok On February - 6 - 2006

Yes, I do think its overkill, but errm “4444” is in another film festival.

Ok, make that potentially two film festivals. Dave have re-edited the short and have submitted it to the coming S’pore Short Film Festival as well as a Portuguese one. At this point, I have been told that its in the S’pore one (Thanks Liz! And Dave did mention it before, but he couldn’t confirm the screening date then) though I don’t have any update on the Portuguese one yet.

I know most of you have watched the earlier version already, so I don’t reckon you will be interested to catch it again, even though its gonna be on a BIGGER screen and it has SUBTITLES now. Heh. But I will be there, so if some of you do make it down, please come over and say hi hor!

Oh, and I just received an sms informing me that another short I did may be screening on TV Mobile as well. Liew, if it really screens, I think I’ll need my disguise sooner rather than later… 😛

12 Responses to “Overkill”

  1. JD says:

    see ?
    things ARE looking up.

    so stick ur chin up there and dont dispair..

  2. spellbound says:

    wow! someone need a mask soon…better not take the bus or cab if screened!!!

  3. 9 says:

    Congrats yet again! haha

    don’t forget us when you become sg superstar..hehehehe

  4. sunshin3 says:

    hehehe…. no regrets now eh?

  5. Aftiel says:

    famous ruok!!!!!! i know a star!

  6. elyxia says:

    so cool, gratz! update us when you know the exact date of screening ok? :)

    hey, you still owe me a treat! owe over new year, so owe forever! wahahaha!

  7. Ruok says:

    JD > Thanks for the encouragement. My frenz say I look like a giraffe now wahahaha :p

    spellbound > aiyah, dun think it will get selected for screening, I also not very proud of that one.

    9 > Superstar ur head lah.

    Candy > Yes, but not for u.

    Leia > Never regretted wor. Juz musing 😛

    Angel > errm ruok is famous because some jap rock chick use it for album & concert tour. Ooh didn’t know u r quite the astronomer these days. 😛
    ely > the SSFF is on the 15th. I tot u were the one that owes me a treat! wahahaa owe me forever wahahaha!

  8. Candyfeehily says:

    how mean of u!

    oh by the way, some films there were directed by my friends so am going there when it started… see u around.

  9. Ruok says:

    Candy > Yes, I’m a bad boy. Pls come over and whip me 😉

  10. David says:

    Hello Vince! For a less pixellated version of 4444 redux, it’s

    Cheers y’all. Thanks for supporting the film even after so long.

  11. Candyfeehily says:

    shameless. tsk tsk tsk.

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