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Reparations To My Sullied Reputation From Zeus

Posted by Ruok On July - 18 - 2007

Dear Zeus,

Yes, I do recall this particular gift of yours, because of the comments and remarks generated by it. And as you have recalled correctly, it was merely my friends, and not I, that have made those remarks. I’ve repeated them to you so that you will appreciate how this lovely gesture of yours has helped to further impress upon folks that I have a lecherous personae, which we all know is really non existent and hence there is no need for further exploration.

Though this clarification of yours is so damn blady late, I pray it is still not too late and verily, your actions would have done much to restore the damaged reputation that you have burdened upon me when you did accord this glorious gift of yours to me.

I thank you for scolding the people who have malign the both of us on my behalf, though I must say that I don’t quite agree to screwing them… well, at least not the male ones anyway. You are, of course, entitled to your own inclinations.

Now if you would just send Aphrodite my way, I would consider this apology of yours complete and most satisfactory.

Your Friend,

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