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Return from Olympus

Posted by Ruok On January - 10 - 2006

Zeus’s wedding was a blast. He looks so happy that I think Hera will have no worries about him sneaking off to chase mortal lasses for eternity. It was interesting to find that Olympian weddings are actually quite similar to the ones back home, only I think our aggressiveness at the barricades prolly startled the guardians, who most probably expected a more docile negotiation.

I guess Zeus forgot to inform them his entourage was from the finest Valhalla had to offer, and the Colossus that gallently halted our progress also had to give way eventually. But I cannot take credit for being part of the assault force; lets just say I’m really not a morning person, and the lack of caffeine and an uncleared bowel does not find me in the best of form at all.

The dinner had its fair share of pranks and sabotage, but I think having witness the surprised reaction from the residents of Olympus much earlier, we decided to tone down our normal Viking traditions and spared Zeus the more raunchy ones. I must say the nectar that they served somehow pales in comparison to what I have been used to having. Bah, I guess nothing beats Norse mead! *hic*

Olympus really have some weird architecture man. Somehow or other, they really like squares and blocks. Must be all the mathematics. Sheesh. Even Zeus was quite amused by it all. Think he should prolly talk to Vulcan about it instead of just being amused, liew. BTW Zeus, if you are reading this, I popped by the spa room again after we left and they managed to get the bubbles in the volcanic pool working. Grrrr.

Olympus also had lots of rooms to spare, and oh how they spared us our rooms! Our accomodations certainly beats the one we have back at the Halls. I think its the first time I really really felt like a Norse god living in a penthouse. Hehehe, one can certainly get use to this feeling 😀 (Pics will be up later!)

All in all, I think it was quite a good trip. Thanks to all those who had kindly offered to drive the bunch of us up. I know it has been really tiring for you all. You guys rawk!

Oh and would you believe it? Venus was at the wedding too! But she looked damn young. Heh.

3 Responses to “Return from Olympus”

  1. sunshin3 says:

    who’s venus?

  2. elyxia says:

    cheem siah. lolz :p

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