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Waddaya Mean I Dun Exist?!!

Posted by Ruok On November - 29 - 2005

Its not everyday you get to know of people questioning your very existence. So naturally, I was quite upset when I learnt of it.

Actually, I was very, very upset.

But I’m learning to look at the bright side. Coz I figured that maybe, just maybe, to some people, I’m too good to be true.

If that sounds very egoistic, I offer no apology. I’m still trying to get over this. 😛

Anyway, for the record, I’m not too good to be true lah. Sometimes, I’m so bad, you’ll hope its not true.

3 Responses to “Waddaya Mean I Dun Exist?!!”

  1. david & lisa says:

    hey, we’re in the canon dv fest again!! WHOO.


  2. david & lisa says:

    Um. We posted our comment before reading your post. Sorry if we sounded inappropriately happy.

  3. Ruok says:

    hey guys its ok lol. I was jus ranting. Woot! Zouk!! 😀

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