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Where The Truth Lies

Posted by Ruok On May - 19 - 2006

Its nice to know who your friends are. They are the ones who would check with you when they have heard untruths about you, for they have known that it can’t possibly be true. Its also nice to know who your “friends” are, and why you would have to be wary around them the next time lest they spread tales about you.

I always take it personally when I get falsely accused, and if the friendship matter, I would trash it out with the alleged accuser. This has always been my modus operandi, and I’m glad that it has panned out so far. However, this time round, it appears that it may not be possible for me to do so, as I’m not ‘supposed’ to be in the know.

I guess you can say its a foretaste of things to come if I’d ever make it big and have to deal with tabloids slamming and sliming me half the time. When that time comes, (if it ever comes :P), I’m more confident now that I would be able to deal with it.

Coz I have true friends, friends who I know will stand by me not because of obligation, but simply, because of truth. And I am most grateful for them.

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