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Without Warning II

Posted by Ruok On November - 21 - 2006

Last Friday, I got a sms that read “Saw u last nite! Kissing ur wife! Dr Teo, Ha”.

The number was not in my phone book, so I proceeded to reply, “Thanks for tuning in! BTW who’s this?”

I did not get a reply but I got another sms from a friend informing me that the CFO’s personal assistant had recognised me from the previous night’s episode. Which means my unknown messager was most likely to be her.

A few months back I had went for an job interview with this CFO and she, the PA, was there as well. According to my friend, the position has yet to be filled, but this little episode might have just blew whatever slim chances I had… sigh.

I knew this day would come, but I’d never expected it to come… without… warning… >.< Anyway, do catch this week's episode of Without Warning. All my key scenes are in this one, and this is prolly the first time you'll hear me sing (and cry) on national television.

Date : 23 November, Thursday.
Time : 9pm
Channel : 5

7 Responses to “Without Warning II”

  1. Princess says:

    eh.. cannot watch.. working till 9.. sry.. =C

  2. starmist says:

    sing!?! i’d better tune in to it..

  3. gracey says:

    I want to hear you sing to me

  4. 9 says:

    cant watch…parents watching ch8…. 😛

  5. Aftiel says:

    i will force meself to get off work early and go watch heh. =p

  6. Ruok says:

    Its ok ur highness. :)

    Starmist, I think “croak” shld be a better word. 😛

    Gracey, just say when lor.

    9, hmm… which means they caught me last night eh?

    Angel, aww, thats sho sweet of you. :)

  7. monkey says:

    darling why would them seeing u on tv blow ur chances… they might be so enamoured 😛

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