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Day 2 Expose

Posted by Ruok On April - 11 - 2006

Day 2 was quite a relaxing shoot for me, as it was kinda like a care leh fare scene for the both of us. Before we begin our shoot, I met one of the extras who was in True Courage with me (yeah the one where I do evil things to women who reject me :P). She couldn’t really recognise me and it was only after I asked her about True Courage did she remember me as the evil person, hehehe. Which means, I don’t look half as evil all the time. 😛

As Fish and I waited for our scene, we shared some more of our filming experiences so far. Its kinda nice to compare notes and “bitch” about our experiences in the industry so far kekeke. And after acting for so long, I realised this is the first time I have found another actor who have taken almost the same path as me and thereby underwent similar trials to reach where we are now. Suddenly, as I realised that, I felt that I wasn’t alone anymore and that I wasn’t the only one foolish enough to travel the path less trodden off the road less travelled.

While they were shooting the scene, I heard from the rest of the cast later that soemone had flinged faeces down towards them and it had landed on the actor that was playing the corpse. WTF?! Sometimes, you really got to wonder in this day and age, and in S’pore, how is it we still find people doing such things? We didn’t know about this as our scene required us to be away from the area, but from the people involved, I understand it was an extremely smelly affair for them to endure while shooting the scene.

Sometimes, just sometimes, it pays to be care leh fare. 😀

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  1. Ruok says:

    angel > hehe luckily we were so far away we ddin’t even catch a wiff.

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