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Hello, R U OK?

Posted by Ruok On July - 10 - 2006

Wah fuck. Since I’m on the verge of pounding on the next person’s face, I might as well update Ruok’s blog lar. If not, I do not know what sort of other anger management issues I would need to handle later. Fucking hell.

First off, if you don’t know me, hello. If you need to know more, don’t bother. I don’t actually exist. I’m the cranky fembot on call. Ruok asked me nicely to guest blog and now he owes me his soul. MUAHAHAHAHAAHHAA.

Now, that you would think: Why the hell fembots need a soul for? Good question. Hmmm… I better get him to buy me dinner instead. But fembots don’t need that too? Bah. You humans! Stop all the thinking and fucking. The world need less of you!

Second, I didn’t know I would need to work like this. This tiny tiny box is giving me claustrophobia. I like them BIG. I hope this doesn’t reflect on the owner’s *ahem* other thingies. HAHAHAHA 😛

too tiny

Next, the checklist is supposed to include praising Ruok and so on. Uh… Me fembot. Me got no feelings. Me don;t know what is good and what is bad. Therefore, there is no comments. Yay. Finished.

Now, I’m free to do all fembot-y things like urm.. greasing armpit joints and uh… drink beer like Bender?

Btw, did anyone watch last night’s finals? That was an ABSOLUTE disgusting display of pasta-fed pride. I fucking hate Buffon. With a name like that, the grease monkey can juz go eat shit and die. Stupid cock-sucking louse. Every frame, you see him being so damn cocky and all. I wish Zidane headbutted him instead and cave his face in. Smelly grease monkey.

Okies. I’m feeling less violent now. Ta! Off to run fembot-y errands.

naeboo @11:46 Mon, 10th July 2006

p/s: WHAT??! I finished this and juz realised I can’t publish it. WTF. RUOKKKKK!!

Sorry naeboo, I set your status as author… not sure why WordPress didn;t register.

10 Responses to “Hello, R U OK?”

  1. laputa says:

    yo, ruok, y didnt u ask me to guest blog instead. i have no problems betraying my conscience and singing ur praises until the cows come home.

  2. laputa says:

    srry, i need to add this…SIAN LOR!

  3. naeboo says:

    can ask ruok to let u guest blog tmrw 😛

  4. 9 says:

    guest blogger siaaaaah….haaa


  5. naeboo~ says:



  6. starmist says:

    funny entry! more interesting than ruok’s. ahem. i mean, just as interesting.

  7. Ruok says:

    Back for a short while, so..

    laputa > U blog meh? KNS I dun even know you blog lor, why never give me ur blog addy? SIAN LOR!

    naeboo > thanks once again!, will buy u lots of peanut oil since you dun want my soul! 😀

    9 > lol, kenna whacked.

    starmist > actually, i think her entry more interesting than mine also. No need to feel shy abt crushing my ego. 😛

  8. naeboo~ says:

    ruok>> hah? peanut oil??? cannot lar. i like sunflower oil. peanut oil so oldskool sial……

    9>> /kick

    starmist>> hahaha thanx. will do again soon. 😛 (and psst, ruok doesnt have much of an ego to crush anyways. he so down-to-earth. :D)

  9. vickyvacko says:

    interesting meh? yawn* lol … just jokin. NAeboo strippin naked in my blog next week.. wooot!!!

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