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In A Funk

Posted by Ruok On February - 26 - 2008

Been feeling out of sorts since last week, and I can’t really place a finger to it. Maybe its because I have too many projects on hold right now.

And because of that, I feel like someone pressed the “pause” button on me, while the rest of the world just whizzed past me.

Was kinda gutted this week when I found out the roles I was gunning for ended up with two “established” actors; which makes me wonder if they were already casted long before the auditions even began. If upping production hours for dramas meant giving these actors more jobs and not giving the rest of us a fair shake, then it might not be such a good thing after all.

Perhaps it was because I was weighing on this that I decided to respond to a call for a travelogue host. They had the auditions today and we were made to go to the street to audition, grabbing passer-bys and pretending we are already hosting the show. It was quite nerve-wrecking at first, but I managed to calm myself down and wing it, I think.

In any case, I have to admit this wasn’t my strongest suit and I might have to reconsider if I did get the job. But I have a feeling I would be spared the agony. :p

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