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Is this the reel life or is this just fantasy?


Posted by Ruok On June - 2 - 2007

Have fun, she said. Yeah right.

Butterflies in the stomach, quivering voice, legs going almost jello, really isn’t my idea of fun. And the worst was yet to come. The Q&A session was awkward to say the least. And even though they were not politically correct, I gave those answers anyway. Cuz, you know what, they were the truth.

And I guess getting through based on the truth kinda shows that this is indeed Your Will as well.

I had another scare when they said I had to go do another interview. Luckily, they canceled it in the end.

2 Responses to “MS1017”

  1. sunshin3 says:

    didn’t everything turned out fine?


    btw, the girl in the pic looks really chio.

  2. Ruok says:

    Not really, and still early to tell. But I shan’t angst over it liow.

    Yeah, I dun any old how call people Angel one wokay. 😛

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