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Is this the reel life or is this just fantasy?

R u Ok?

Posted by Ruok On December - 11 - 2006

Sometime, just sometime, I wonder if this is the real reason why I got the role :

Heh, I guess I’m not really ok now.

6 Responses to “R u Ok?”

  1. cha says:

    is anything alright? 😛

  2. cha says:

    everything i meant 😆

  3. Princess says:

    Hey.. u alright? ask me out for coffee la.. den everything will be fine.. hehehe.. get my no. from lex/RN/cow k… just drop me a sms anytime.. =D

  4. Ruok says:

    cha, thanks. I’m still sorting myself out but I reckon I shld be fine.

    Princess, I dun have any of their numbers and why dun you ask me out for coffee instead?

    Angel, thankew luv. *hugs*

  5. Princess says:

    Okies.. i shall ask you out then.. next week.. I’ll be free from tuesday onwards.. let u set time n day… hehe..

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