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Short and But Sweet

Posted by Ruok On April - 23 - 2007

The past weekend has been quite a wild ride. This exhilaration, this rush, though not as strong as it used to be, was still good enough to remind me of why I loved the stage in the first place. And it was also particularly gratifying that I popped a few cherries in the process as well.

First off, was the stage. This was the first time I’ve acted in a theatre with audiences seated at the side, and it took me quite a while to get use to it. And after I’ve gotten over the fact that no matter what I do, the audience is going to see my backside, I begin to appreciate this stage. After all, this was kinda what early Shakespearean was, and I’m quite thankful that I had the chance to experience what the actors back then experienced.

short and sweet 002Second was I got my virgin bouquet. Nicole, who was the director of Pure Sugar, bought flowers for everyone, which I thought was very sweet of her. Yeah I did felt sheepish about receiving them, and even more sheepish carrying them back. 😛

Third was that, this, officially, is my first professional theatre stint. None of my prior stage productions can be termed as a “professional” one (even though I know it was all professionally done) and so to cap this on the eve of my birthday was really cool. I feel a bit guilty for waiting this long to do this for my first love, and I’m glad she didn’t take it too much to heart.

Fourth… this was the first time I was called a “stupid molester” by a ten year old girl (NO lah! I didn’t touch her lah!!), who also happened to be one of the cast of Pure Sugar. She started calling me that after I showed her my True Courage role…and the thing is, it wasn’t even a molester role! You see, this is precisely the reason why I don’t show this to women anymore. *sigh*

I’ve met quite a few actors over the weekend, some old, many new and for the most of it, I’m glad to find myself in such fine company. Six years of screen acting and most of the actors I’ve met don’t do it for the passion. And having met so many of such actors, I was really beginning to feel like I’m the only deluded fool out there… But over the weekend, I find many people with a passion for acting that quite rival my own, and quite suddenly, I don’t feel I’m that alone in this world anymore.

I’m also impressed with the quality of actors that came on board. I didn’t get to watch all the plays, but out of the ones I caught, a certain Stephany Aw impressed me very much in Jump. At 17 yrs of age, I’m quite sure this must be her debut performance, but from the way she act, you most certainly couldn’t tell. I’m sure she’ll go far one day. :)

I’m quite disappointed that most of my friends didn’t turn up… I guess they must have gotten so used to watching me perform for free hehehe. Ah well.

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  1. sunshin3 says:

    sorry bro.. was in A&E. anyway, hope you have a splendid birthday celebration!

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