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This One Takes The Cake

Posted by Ruok On July - 20 - 2007

Its been a while since I’ve written anything in this category, not because there are lesser sightings but because most of it is kinda run-of-the-mill. So far, the auntie at my fav soup place has recognised me and a few more clients have also recognised me.

My secret identity is really becoming more and more non-existent. -_-”

But the sighting yesterday really takes the cake, I feel. I was at a client’s place and they were installing a new aircon to their premises. I think one of the aircon guys spotted me while I was binding some materials together and asked one of the staff,”Isn’t that guy an actor? I’ve seen him on telly before. What’s he doing here?”

It really says something when a total complete stranger recognises you even though you haven’t done anything noteworthy for the past six months.

Just how much reruns are they screening these days?! >.<

5 Responses to “This One Takes The Cake”

  1. JayWalk says:

    Aiyoh… uncle getting more and more recognisable liao har?

    Uncle. You is jialat liao.

  2. naeboo says:

    like that also need to comprain.. u want recognition u got it lor.. some mroe ppl must have hated ur roles so much to have remembered hahhahaa

  3. Ruok says:

    jw its not jialat. its hong kan liow.

    betty, eh this not recognition lah, liew.

  4. Aftiel says:

    but.. you are a star! in my eyes at least =p

  5. Ruok says:

    Angel, aww shucks. *blush*

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