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Thou, Thee, Thy & Art Thou

Posted by Ruok On November - 29 - 2006

Went for my very first Shakespeare audition over the weekend, and boy was I nervous. I think its also because its been a long time since I last did a stage audition and the unfamiliarity of it all just made me felt like it was my very first audition all over again.

Its a strange thing; returning to the stage. Like a forgotten lover her embrace is cold, her touch bereft of the warmth I’d leave her. I can almost feel her delight at my stumbling; almost feel her contempt coarse through my ambling limbs. Tis strange this manner she entreats on me, her former love; strange for she be the first to spurn and not I. Her touch and embrace I doth yearn thus, but jealousy I fear doth cloud the vision of my mistress.

I guess that’s what doing Shakespeare does to you, I’ve been breaking out into such prose all week last week. 😛 Anyway, for those who are curious, my audition piece was a soliloquy by Benedict, Act II Scene 3, from “Much Ado About Nothing”. Unfortunately, it was a bit too long for the audition (silly me failed to notice that they asked for a 1 minute monologue) but they let me finish the first one anyway. Phew. Its a pity I couldn’t do the second part though, but thats just the actor me lamenting a lost chance to do more Shakespeare.

I really enjoyed preparing and doing the piece, and the reason, I half suspect is that I can really identify with Benedict’s character. I particularly loved this line :

“But till all grace be in one woman,
One woman shall not come in my grace.”

Hehehe. Oh Beatrice, Beatrice whereforth thou art my Beatrice?

5 Responses to “Thou, Thee, Thy & Art Thou”

  1. gracey says:

    let me whats the outcome yea

  2. Ruok says:

    Gracey, I didn’t get it. 😛

  3. starmist says:

    oh you went w qy??

  4. Ruok says:

    starmist, nope, but its the same audition, nevertheless.

  5. SLYsLYgURL says:

    heyys . have u read the soliloquy after the gulling part? did u spot any contrasts between the two soliloqies before the gulling and after the gulling?i have to write an essay about it. please reply if u r willing to give some ideas. thank u very much 😛

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